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TAROT: Tried & True

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Why I recommend using tarot cards as a tool to gain insight for current & future outcomes.

Trust your gut reaction. For some of us it's natural to take action based on a feeling rather than logic. In most cases we override that intuitive response and let our thoughts form our actions. Of course the latter makes the most sense for daily interactions, but there is merit in developing your intuition. Through decades of reading tarot cards, I've found them to be a profound tool in accessing our higher mind which can help us live a more authentic life.

Learning to read tarot cards assists in developing your intuition

If you've always been curious of learning how to read cards and enhance your intuition, the following article is going to give you a brief history of how I came to read them, why I think it works for self discovery and the online courses I'm offering this Spring to get you started.

I've been reading tarot cards for over 25 years. Growing up in the 80's there was an abundance of supernatural sub culture. From Ouiji boards, seances, telepathy you name it, I was intrigued. I remember spending many noon hours in grade school nose deep in E.S.P books wondering about strange phenomenas. Without knowing about tarot cards, I even created my very own spread on a large piece of wood with a mini playing deck of cards. It wasn't until I was 20 and living in Victoria, that a neighbour brought out her tarot at a dinner party. From that moment on I was focused at acquiring a deck of my own. Being quite superstitious at the time, I was told that you had to have tarot gifted to you in order to read them. (Note that years later, I dropped that belief and highly encourage others to find their own cards that resonates with them). Thankfully, I didn't have to wait too long before my roommate bought me my first deck with a special guide book. This was the beginning of a lifelong journey with tarot.


Self Discovery Through Tarot

However you find your way to tarot, it's something that's quite special and as I mentioned should resonate with you. My first deck was an opportunity to learn about all 78 cards. What keeps me captivated is the detailed imagery that illustrators use to depict each card. In the beginning, I would mainly read cards to myself and keep a journal of each spread. That way I was able to record the meaning and reflect back to it throughout the weeks or months ahead. I would often (and still do at times), refer to the booklets that come with the deck for detailed comprehension. There's a lot of information on Tarot out there and I tried to keep it simple in order to retain the information.

After a few years of being self study, I was introduced to a wonderful tarot reader in Calgary named Janine. Unbeknownst to me, she would become my biggest influence on how to read tarot to others. I was hooked after my first reading with her because A) She was spot on with everything that was currently unfolding in my life and B) to this day Janine accurately stated the events that continue to occur in my life: from my having a daughter by the time I was 29, my lifework in yoga & wellness and funnily her exact words were this:

" When I tell you your going to be a writer, your going to be a writer." Who am I to argue with her especially after publishing my first book last year at the age of 46.

I was also fortunate to attend 2 workshops with Janine where she clarified something really important to me. That when you read for others it's imperative to come from an empowering place. Each situation in life is an opportunity to grow and learn. Sometimes we'll repeat situations multiple times until we understand the lesson. As a Sagittarius, my auto response is to see the cup half full, so that is how I go about reading for others. I'm extremely mindful with my wording and my intention is to interpret the tarot from an empowering place.

During this same period in my mid 20's I attended a few more intuitive workshops. One in which I discovered the tarot deck that I use to this very day. Through exposing myself to these esoteric studies it gave me some incredible tools to help further my knowledge with interpreting cards. Aside from learning the basic meaning of each card, the question I was prompted to ask myself is:'Am I vocalizing my first intuitive thought?'

What is that exactly? Imagine someone showed you a work of art. Almost right away the imagery can invoke a feeling, word or perhaps a vision. This is what I'm talking about. The initial response when perceiving something before your thoughts start weaving into the story. It was through this exercise that I was able to develop a deeper connection not only to my cards but learning to trust my intuition.

2023 Online Tarot Workshops

The above exercises and experiences I learned over the past decades is available this Spring. A 4 part monthly series of beginner friendly tarot workshops. Fortunately, we live in a time where learning remotely is possible with virtual accessibility. No longer are the days you would leave a card reading with a cassette tape. Workshops take place live on ZOOM starting in March. Each session is recorded for students to download and study from. We'll be breaking down all 78 cards and their meanings. Included are tarot yearly growth cycles through numerology, introductory tarot spreads and exercises to develop your intuition. Students are welcome to sign up for all 4 workshops or single sessions.

Thank you for taking the time to read this excerpt on Tarot and feel free to leave a message with any questions in the comments. If you're curious about personal readings click here for details.

Happy readings!


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