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Tarot Card Deck

Mindy has been reading tarot cards for 25 years. As a lover of the arts, iconography & history, the tarot is an incredible tool that offers guidance by understanding their visual significance.

It's believed that Tarot has been around since the 14th century. The exact origin is uncertain, however their meanings are unchanged. The images used in Tarot are Universal making them easy to relate to. During a reading the cards represent a mirror that reflects our circumstance, feelings, thoughts and intentions. It's not necessary to have a specific question for a reading to take place. Mindy begins with general tarot spreads that may highlight certain arenas in your life. From here the inquirer can choose to elaborate the area in question or other life path spreads are explored.

Mindy chooses to read cards from an empowering view point. She believes that each person's life brings valuable lessons that we can grow and learn from. The best time to have your cards read is around your birthday, in transitional phases or times of uncertainty.

  • 1hr Individual readings $90

  • 30min readings available only in Banff or virtually $50

  • Record your session on your phone, journal or take it all in

  • ZOOM Virtual readings

  • Small group readings are available $150/hr (3ppl 15-20min each)

1hr Individual readings $90



30min readings $50

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Each year on our birthday we experience a new growth cycle that brings in different elements of change or personal development. Growth cycle cards are a wonderful gift for anyone wanting a little insight into what to expect during their birthday year. Each art card is carefully hand selected based on your growth cycle. A full description as to what year your currently in and which one you might be entering is handwritten within the card. This unique little gift offers guidance for a full year starting from the date it is received. The best part is it doesn't have to be your birthday to enjoy these cards!

Growth Cycle Cards.jpg


Free delivery within Canada. 

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