Mindy Johnstone is a Banff artist inspired by nature, yoga, wellness and travel. Art & Soul was created as a merging of two paths that Mindy has explored for over two decades. In her 20's as a full time student in Interior Design, she was introduced to yoga. Thus began a lifetime of integrating wellness into all her creative endeavors.

Mindy has been teaching yoga & wellness since 2002. She is recognized as a compassionate, patient and empowering instructor who guides her students to seek peace of mind through movement and connection. Mindy's love of art and yoga influences her teaching style making classes accessible, relaxing, inspiring and most of all fun!

In her early years, Mindy attended post secondary education in Winnipeg. First in graphic arts and in 2001 she entered Interior design at Mount Royal College in Calgary. During this time she learned the foundations of color, perspective and composition. With a desire to always learn, grow and refine techniques, Mindy has taken part in workshops, studio clinics and has traveled to extensively for the love of the arts. She currently teaches and leads Art & Yoga Retreats Internationally to places like Provence and Italy.

In her art studio, Mindy works primarily with acrylics using a bold and colorful palette. As a naturalist, the Group of Seven is a constant inspiration for landscapes as well as the whimsical work of artist like Rod Charlesworth & Pascale Paquette are a huge influence to her style. Painting runs in her family, with her father being an avid artist, board member of the Winnipeg Art Forum and someone she seeks guidance from frequently. Mindy's intention is to rekindle the love of creativity that we sometimes release as we age. Her classes welcome students of all ages and reminds you that art & yoga are good for the soul!

When she's not painting, Mindy loves to be in nature, cook healthy meals, cozy up with a book or simply enjoy the fresh mountain air. Her most quality time is spent laughing, playing and embarking on adventures with her teenage daughter, Charly, her superhero of a husband, Dave and Happy, the dog.

Art & Yoga that is good for the Soul!

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