Recording available for download
Trees Please!
$20 Tutorial
( A list of suggested supplies below)
Join Mindy for an exploration on different ways that we can paint trees. Using a variety of brushes, palette knives & painting techniques to make the most of your landscapes. We'll be diving into all seasons from bark to leaves. This is a workshop you don't want to miss! 
Workshop is recorded for review & to download
Here is a list of suggestions to have with you for the workshop 
  • A Canvas pad sketchbook or 4 or more workable prepped surfaces: Choose from canvases 8x10's or larger or primed boards. Alternatively, you can prime watercolor paper, (heavy weight 200lb or 400lb*is optimal) and make sure to do 1 coat of white gesso on 1 side before the session begins. *Remember this is in a workshop format so your learning new techniques for your toolbox. This is a good opportunity to reuse old canvases! Prep your used canvas prior to class with 1 or 2 coats of white gesso. 
  • Acrylic paints: All colors welcome however as a suggestion: Sap green of similar, Red, Primary Yellow & warm Yellow, Dark Brown, Black, White. Optional: Turquoise & Hot Pink for Palette Demo
  • A table top easel or Books to prop up your canvas
  • Brushes: medium & small flat brush, angled brush, 2 or more round brush with fine tip for details, fan brush. Having a variety of synthetic brushes is helpful
  • Palette knife: plastic, metal or both
  • Water Glass
  • Rag for cleaning brushes in between coats
  • Hair Dryer is handy (in case you need to speed up drying time)
  • A palette for your paints - A paper or plastic white plate works well
How ONLINE Classes work
To access the Online Platform you'll have to download ZOOM.US app to your phone, iPad, or computer. This is a FREE app and you only need the basic package.
(You'll see it says 40mins max. however that is if you were to host. So you'll still be able to join me for 2hr without an upgrade)
Once you've registered, create an account and I'll send you the link to join.
If you need assistance creating your account try out this link for a tutorial:
When you join the class, be sure to turn your microphone + video ON so I can make sure you can see & hear me. Once we get started you can change your video screen to face your canvas. If you prefer to mute your mic after this you can. 
Questions? I'd love to hear from you!

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