Birch Trees with Palette Knife
9 -11am MT 
Tutorial $20
*Art Rental Kits for Bow Valley Residents $40
An Online Paint Days is designed to inspire, connect & just simply have fun in the comfort of your personal space. So clear off your table & join me for a creative morning!
Here is a list of suggestions to have with you for the tutorial
  • Acrylic paints: You'll want to have paint from the tube for this tutorial. Black, White and Choose 2-3 colours that go well together & suit your taste! I'll be using Fluorescent Pink & Turquoise. Other options, Light Blue, Pink & Pastel Green or Pink & Light Green. Here are a few more images to give you an idea
Note* For paint days its not necessary to use expensive paints. The professional grades have more pigment than student. I like Amsterdam paint for an economical option with higher pigment. Michael's carries Artist's Loft as their student grade & professional acrylic set option. 
Here are a few links to help you out:
Student grade set >>
Professional grade set >>
*I really like Liquetex & Golden products  >>
  • Palette knives I would have up to 3 on hand. Metal or plastic works. Choose ones that have straight sides rather than curved. The tips can definitely have a curve like this image.
  • A Flat Surface is best for this style of painting
  • Brushes You can have a few on hand but we'll be using mainly the palette knife for applications.
  • Water Glass
  • Paper Towel & Rag for cleaning brushes in between coats
  • Hair Dryer is handy (in case you need to speed up drying time)
  • A palette for your paints - A paper or plastic white plate works well
ART RENTAL KIT with Tutorial $40
This option is for participants who live in Banff, Canmore, Exshaw & Lake Louise. I will provide a loaner Art Kit that you can use for the class. The canvas provided will be yours to keep! Pick up or Delivery to your home in Banff is Wednesday. Collection for supplies is Sunday afternoon.
How ONLINE Classes work
Once registered, I'll send you a link with the meeting number & password. The session will be recorded & available to download for 1 week.
To access the Online Platform you'll have to download ZOOM.US app to your phone, iPad, or computer. This is a FREE app and you only need the basic package. .
If you need assistance creating your account try out this link for a tutorial:
When you join the class be sure to turn your microphone + video ON so I can make sure you can see & hear me. Once we get started you can change your video screen to face your canvas.
PIN DEMO you can choose to pin the demo to avoid the screen bouncing from one person to the other when people are talking. Double tap the demo and click 'PIN'. Depending on your device you might have to scroll on your phone to find the demo. Make sure you are in 'Gallery View' on your iPad or desktop. Click on the 3 dots on the demo box to pin
Questions? Send me message I'd love to hear from you

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