9:00-11:00am MST from Banff, Canada
$20 for Tutorials
OR $40 with Art Rental Kit**
( A list of suggested supplies below)
These 2hr sessions are designed to inspire, connect and just simply have fun in the comfort of your personal space. So clear off your table and join me for a creative morning!
Paint Theme: Abstract Flowers with Palette Knife
A recording of this session is available for participants.
**Rental Art Kit $40
This option is for participants who live in Banff, Canmore, Exshaw & Lake Louise. I will provide a loaner Art Kit that you can use for the class. The canvas provided will be yours to keep! Pick up or Delivery to your home in Banff is Thursday Collection for supplies is Sunday afternoon.
Virtual Tutorial $20
Here is a list of suggestions to have with you for your Paint Session 
  • Choose any of these size canvases 10x10,12x12, 14x14,  9x12 
  • Acrylic paints - MAIN COLOURS: Phtalo Blue/Green, Ultramarine/Dark Navy Blue, Cerulean/Sky Blue, Gray ( a hint of black is easy to mix with white to make gray), Bright Lime Green, White (Titanium). Small amounts of the following: Magenta, Light Lavender, Warm Yellow.
  • Option: This is a great tutorial to experiment with acrylic mediums like gels or paste. Gloss, Semi-Gloss or Matte finishing. Especially if your white is more water based, this can make it easier to add thicker texture to your piece.
  • 3 or more Palette Knives metal or plastic. Straight Edges with rounded tip.
  • Paint Brushes: 1x Flat Brush 1/2" for background, 1x fine tip round for final details
  • FLAT SURFACE to create. You'll want your piece to dry for 24hrs before moving it. 
  • Water Glass
  • Paper Towel
  • Rag for cleaning brushes in between coats
  • A flat palette or plate for your paints - a surface that is flat to dip your knives in fully on the sides.
How ONLINE Classes work
To access the Online Platform you'll have to download ZOOM.US app to your phone, iPad, or computer. This is a FREE app and you only need the basic package.
(You'll see it says 40mins max. however that is if you were to host. So you'll still be able to join me for 2hr without an upgrade)
Once you've registered, create an account and I'll send you the link to join.
If you need assistance creating your account try out this link for a tutorial:
When you join the class, be sure to turn your microphone + video ON so I can make sure you can see & hear me. Once we get started you can change your video screen to face your canvas. If you prefer to mute your mic after this you can. 
Contact me to register and receive your link
For Art Kit Rentals please request your preference for pick up of delivery


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