Wednesday, May 12th
9:00 - 10:30am MT
( A list of suggested supplies below)

A versatile medium, perfect for outdoor use and easy to carry in your backpack for recording your adventures. Learn great tips on how to use watercolours from paper quality to colour mixing, techniques and must have supplies for your kit.

Workshops are recorded for participants to review & download
  • Watercolour Kit with Tablets with 12 or more colour options. What's nice about the tablets is you can replace individual ones. Also they are easy to transport and for carry on as they are not in a liquid tube. Here are examples of colours you'll find in a standard kitPrimary Lemon Yellow, Cadmium Yellow Light, Primary Cadmium Red, Alizarin Crimson, Primary Phthalo Blue, Cobalt Blue, Permanent Green, Earth Green, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, and Ivory Black.
  • PeoBeo Aquarella Kit
  • Winsor & Newton
  • Watercolour Specific Brushes: 3 round brushes Size 3 / 5-6 / 12 & 1x Flat Brush 1/4inch or similar
  • Watercolour Sketchbook or pad : Cold Press Paper (click here for example)
  • Paper towels
  • Pencil & Eraser
  • Fine Tip Black Marker (waterproof)
  • Water container
  • Masking Tape or Green Painters Tape
  • Option*Masking Fluid
*Art Kit Option $150
For Bow Valley Residents*

All your watercolour kit needs to keep for future projects!


  • 12pc. Paint set

  • 3 Brushes

  • Watercolour Sketch Book

  • Fine Tip Marker

  • Pencil

  • Water container

Orders must be placed prior to May 8th
How ONLINE Classes work
To access the Online Platform you'll have to download ZOOM.US app to your phone, iPad, or computer. This is a FREE app and you only need the basic package.
(You'll see it says 40mins max. however that is if you were to host. So you'll still be able to join me for 2hr without an upgrade)
Once you've registered, create an account and I'll send you the link to join.
If you need assistance creating your account try out this link for a tutorial:
When you join the class, be sure to turn your microphone + video ON so I can make sure you can see & hear me. Once we get started you can change your video screen to face your canvas. If you prefer to mute your mic after this you can. 
Questions? I'd love to hear from you!

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