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10:30 -12:30pm MT from Banff, Canada
SATURDAY, June 26th
This course is recorded for participants to review & download
The tarot has been used as a tool for divination tracing back to the 14th century. The beauty of these ancient cards are found in their imagery and symbolism. They serve as an incredible resource for self discovery and when read from an empowering perspective the cards can offer valuable insight on your personal journey. This course is perfect for students new to Tarot and have a curiousity about astrology & numbers. Students are recommended to have a journal and tarot deck.
Explore the following in Part 2
  • Introducing the Court Cards of the Minor Arcana
  • Additional Tarot Spreads
  • Integrating zodiac + planetary influences into a reading
Suggested list to make the most of your course
  • A quiet space that holds a soothing ambiance
  • Writing Material: Journal or index cards for note taking *This session is recorded for participants
  • A 78 Tarot Deck based on the Rider Waite (Make sure when purchasing that it is not an Oracle deck- feel free to contact me prior to make sure its an authentic Tarot deck). Click here for an example of the Rider Waite Tarot 
If your purchasing a Tarot deck for the first time, I believe its important that you connect to the imagery. 
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