Drawing Animation Ages 8+

4 Saturdays starting Mar 6 - 27
10:00am - 10:40am MST from Banff, Canada
$75 for Tutorial
( A list of suggested supplies below)
Sessions are recorded & available for download
This course is ideal for ages 8+ and anyone interested in sketching. Designed to introduce the fundamentals of drawing the human form. Learn the art of sketching with pencils and how to refine your work with pen & ink. It's the perfect course to apply towards drawing your favorite animated characters!
Virtual Tutorial Supply List
drawing animation.jpg
Here is a list of suggestions to have with you for each session
  • Coiled Sketch book 9x12" or similar size
  • Pencils: 2H, HB, 2B, (4B or higher*optional)
  • Gum eraser (Found in art sections- it should be pliable to pull apart & shape like putty)
  • White eraser
  • Blending Stick
  • Black Fine Tip Pens (Waterproof, Permanent) 2 or more (a standard pen size & a thicker one)
  • Optional*Wooden Art Human Figure Mannequin
How ONLINE Classes work
Once you've registered, I'll send you the ZOOM link to use for each class. To access the Online Platform you'll have to download ZOOM.US app to your phone, iPad, or computer. This is a FREE app and you only need the basic package.
When you join the class, be sure to turn your microphone + video ON so I can make sure you can see & hear me. Once class begins, participants are muted & can unmute themselves for questions.
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