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Starts Thursday,Sept 28
$75 for all 3
Or E-transfer to 
9am MT live or Weekly Recordings

 Each session is 90minutes in length where you're working on small canvases to create a beautiful collection of mountain birds. Each week we'll be covering a different species using acrylics and each canvas explores a different style from mixed media collage, palette knives plus more! Our muses are the RAVEN, HUMMINGBIRD and MOUNTAIN CHICKADEE

A full list of supplies and reference image is sent to your inbox upon registration.

Note* The above list with specific names of paint are suggestions. Anything close to it is perfect. It's not necessary to use expensive paints. The professional grades have more pigment than student. I like Amsterdam paint for an economical option with higher pigment. Michael's carries Artist's Loft as their student grade & professional acrylic sets as an option. 
  • Table Top Easel​ 
  • Variety of Brushes Big flat, small flat brush (1/2inch or smaller), Rounds size 4 or similar, detailed small tip 
  • Palette Knives or a plastic knife for mixing paint
  • A palette for your paints - Plastic white plates works well or even better a palette paper pad of 8x10
  • Paper Towel & Rag for cleaning brushes in between coats
  • Hair Dryer is handy (in case you need to speed up drying time)
online canoe.jpg
A printed version of the reference image is very handy to have. Otherwise using another device to reference is just as convenient. To avoid your screen from turning off on your device:
General Settings> Display & Brightness > Auto Lock > Never
Questions? Send me message I'd love to hear from you
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